Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My legs still hurt 

On Sunday I went for a long hike with my friend Matt. We woke up at an hour that was on the verge of being unreasonable - around 7:30 a.m., and then drove straight up I-93. The hike we picked was apparently quite popular. It was about a 9 mile loop up Mt. Lafayette, along a ridge including Mt. Lincoln and Little Haystack. The whole thing took us around 7 hours.

But what a perfect day. We could see for over 100 miles in every direction. Lafayette is around 1 mile high. The world looks big from up there. It also struck me how much distance we could cover.

We walked along that ridge there for a couple of miles and from the low end (the Haystack end) Laffayette seemed impossibly far away. Fall is just beginning around here - the leaves had kind of a golden yellow glow.

Along the way we met a guy named Sam, who sent me these pictures. Thanks Sam! Sam is from Spain. His real name is not Sam.

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